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Thomas of Malmesbury family run Butchers Shop in

Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Quality Butchers in Malmesbury Wiltshire
Just a short walk from Malmesbury High Street, we are a traditional family butchers shop offering high quality, local produce and an excellent service. We are also winner of Britain's Best Sausage - The Malmesbury King!

Visit us at our Malmesbury Butchers Shop and Deli Café - you'll be surprised by what you find!

Thomas of Malmesbury Butchers Shop in Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Michael Thomas started in the butchery trade as a Saturday boy at the age of just 12. He remembers actually delivering on an old butchers bike in and around Malmesbury in all weathers. He actually wanted to be an engineer but his family circumstances meant he could not afford to attend university so carried on his butchery career.

As is typical of Michael he had to be the best at everything he put his hand to so made it his aim to be the best butcher he could possibly be.

Thomas of Malmesbury Quality Butchers Shop in Malmesbury Wiltshire - home of the award winning Malmesbury King Sausage


The welfare of the animals has always been a priority for Michael having been involved in farming for a number of years. At one time he had over thirty head of cattle and over 50 sheep. This experience has been invaluable as now he able to go to the farms he wants to buy meat from and hand picks the beef and lamb for the shops.

Michael opened his first butcher's shop in Malmesbury 20 years ago at 41 The Triangle. A smaller shop selling just meat. It was in 2003 that the opportunity came about to move to 51 The Triangle and a much larger shop. This enabled him to expand into the deli and cheese market.

He has a passion for good food. The standards set are very high, as the staff will attest to! But Michael will not ask of anyone what he is not prepared to do himself so works 6am to 6pm 5 days a week and more!

Thomas's Qulaity Butchers Shop in Malmesbury Wiltshire where animal welfare is a priority


In 2010 Mrs Christine Hamilton mentioned a competition she had read about in Country Life Magazine and asked Michael if he would like to be nominated. The competition was to find Britain’s best sausage. So Michael and Sandy, his wife and business partner, sat down and came up with The Malmesbury King.

Not really expecting to get anywhere but very proud of the sausage they had made. The surprise came when they were asked to attend the final judging stage in London. The judging took place at Bar Boulud, the London restaurant owned by 3 Star Michelin chef Daniel Boulud, who was the head judge. And the rest as they say is history. The Malmesbury King won Britain’s Best Sausage. It is now made every day in Malmesbury and is sent all over the country.

People visit Malmesbury from around the country and indeed the world to purchase The Malmesbury King. Needless to say Michael is quite rightly very proud.

Thomas's Qulaity Butchers Shop in Malmesbury Wiltshire where animal welfare is a priority


Fresh Bread is delivered every day from The Hobbs House Bakery to our shop in Malmesbury

Using traditional methods, their expert team of bakers produce an exceptional range of award winning breads, pastries and confectionery to the very highest standards. Speciality breads are available to order, call Thomas's on 01666 823 981 or visit our Deli Café and try our freshly made sandwiches with a pot of tea, cup of coffee or a glass of wine.



Trade Enquiries

We also supply our top quality meat and sausages to the trade - local pubs, restaurants, hotels and schools in and around Wiltshire - please call us on 01666 823 981 for details or email trade@thomasofmalmesbury.co.uk.

Thomas of Malmesbury

51 The Triangle
SN16 0AH


Butchers shop opening times:

Tuesday to Friday: 7am - 5pm
Saturday: 7am - 4pm
Sunday and Monday: Closed

Following a Bank Holiday we are not open on Tuesdays.

Buy Malmesbury King Sausages online or buy our other handmade speciality sausages in our online butchers shop delivered in temperature controlled packs and staying chilled for up to 30 hours.

Contact Details

Call us at the Malmesbury butcher's shop

01666 823 981

or email us enquiries@thomasofmalmesbury.co.uk

Trade enquiries: trade@thomasofmalmesbury.co.uk

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